What to Expect – Medical Leave of Absence

Who can I talk to about taking Medical Leave of Absence (MLOA)?

Care Coordinators are available Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm to discuss your medical leave questions, review the process of applying for medical leave of absence, explain necessary supporting clinical documentation, and discuss any concerns.  You can call or email to speak with a Care Coordinator.

Call: (617) 373-2772 option #4

Email: [email protected]

Implications of Medical Leave of Absence must be reviewed in advance of applying for MLOA.

Eligible for Medical Leave of Absence

  • Have a medical or mental health concern that has impaired academic progress
  • Apply before the deadline
  • Has clinical documentation that meets the standards of MLOA
  • Submits a completed MLOA Request form
  • Completes the process in a timely manner

Ineligible for Medical Leave of Absence

  • Participation in a final assignment/exam
  • Student is currently or will be academically dismissed for the term they are seeking a Medical Leave. Medical Leave is not available to prevent or remove an academic dismissal
  • There is no clinical reason or support; or it does not meet the standards
  • Another type of leave is more appropriate
  • Application is received after the deadline

How do I apply for Medical Leave of Absence?

You need to submit the Medical Leave of Absence Request form along with supporting documentation from a treatment provider. If you are currently working with a clinician outside of UHCS, they should submit a letter that includes: diagnosis, treatment plan, medication (if applicable), support for Medical Leave of Absence. This letter can be submitted via email [email protected] or fax 617-373-2601. Documentation will not be received via USPS or hand submission.

It is important that your medical leave documents contain the completed and signed medical leave of absence form and a supporting letter from your treatment provider in order for your MLOA request to be reviewed.

Will my medical information be shared with other offices?

No. UHCS abides by strict confidentiality laws. No medical information will be shared without your consent. All services at UHCS are confidential. You may review more information about confidentiality and release of medical information here. Once your medical leave of absence is approved, a letter is sent by the Care Coordinators to other offices indicating your leave has been approved, but it does not include any medical information regarding the reason or current medical condition.

After submitting my completed request, how long will it take to receive feedback from the Care Coordinator?

You can expect to receive a status update within 3 business days of submission. When applying for any university process, you should regularly monitor you husky email account. The Care Coordinator may reach out to you at any time with additional questions or important information.

Once approved, how long will it take to process my request?

Time for approval may vary. We do our very best, to process within 3-5 business days however this is dependent upon the submission of completed documentation including request form, supporting documentation that meets the clinical standards, and confirmation of last date of participation by the registrar or academic advisor.

UHCS MLOA Team works with the registrar and academic advisors’ to confirm last date of participation in classes. As such, a student may meet the clinical standards for Medical Leave of Absence, and participation continues to be confirmed. Once all information is gathered from both clinical documentation and participation, the UHCS MLOA Team is able move forward with processing the MLOA request.

How long do I need to be on MLOA?

Students are expected to be on MLOA for one full term.

I am planning on taking a MLOA, should I withdraw from my classes?

No. Once your Medical Leave of Absence is processed, the Registrar’s office will be notified and your academic will reflect “W”s. Withdrawing from classes could have financial and visa implications. If you have questions about withdrawing please reach out to the MLOA Team to discuss further.

The term has ended can I still apply for Medical Leave of Absence?

Medical Leave is not available retroactively.

Can I still keep the university’s health insurance plan while on medical leave?

Your Northeastern University Student Health Plan (NUSHP) will remain active through August 31st of the academic year. Students who had coverage under NUSHP after March 31st are eligible to purchase one more year of coverage if their leave extends into the fall of a new school year. If you are looking to remain enrolled in NUSHP you will need to complete the Petition to Enroll  form and email it to [email protected]. For more information contact the Student Health Plan Manager at [email protected] or (617) 373-8007. Learn more information about NUSHP here.

I’m an international student, is there anything else I should know?

In addition to completing the Medical Leave of Absence process through UHCS, international students need to complete the OGS MLOA Intention form. This forms notifies the OGS staff that you intend on taking a MLOA and they will assist you to comply with your next steps.

To read more about the impact for international students, please visit the OGS website.

My medical documents are in another language, can I translate them?

Translation must be done by your provider or a professional translation service, only. All documentation must be in English.

Are there eligibility requirements for Medical Leave of absence?

Yes. There are a few factors that would render a student not eligible for a medical leave of absence, they include:

  • Participation in a final assignment/exam
  • There is no medical reason for applying for a medical leave and another type of leave is more appropriate.

I have been on Medical Leave for one year and need to remain on MLOA, what do I do?

If you have been on MLOA for one year and need to continue on MLOA, you should contact the Care Coordinator. You may be eligible to request a tuition credit extension if the MLOA will continue beyond one year. In order for a tuition credit to be approved, you will need to submit supporting documentation.

The supporting documentation from your treatment provider needs to review their recommendation for the continuation of MLOA, diagnosis, treatment plan, medication and anticipated timeline for return to the University, if available. Considerations for continuing MLOA beyond one year:

  • Your student status moves from active to withdrawn.
  • There may be loan implications. Please reach out to your Student Financial Services to learn more.

Tuition Refund Guidelines

The tuition refund for students who withdraw or take a leave of absence on or after the first day of classes is calculated in accordance with the university’s withdrawal refund policy. Appeals must be submitted within 30 days from the end of the term the leave was taken in.  Any appeals submitted after that will not be considered. Please review the process and deadlines for the financial appeal here

Students who have been granted a medical or emergency leave of absence due to extenuating circumstances may submit a Leave of Absence Refund Appeal Form for financial consideration. If the appeal is approved, please note that housing and other fees will not be included in the appeal decision; refer to the Residence Hall and Dining License Agreement. Please only complete the Leave of Absence Refund Appeal Form if you have been approved for a medical or emergency leave of absence.

Please note that any outstanding balance (including unpaid balances) for the academic term in which the leave is taken are still due to the university.