Find the Right Support for You

You’ve got a lot on your mind—and a lot to do. Find@Northeastern is here to support you with free flexible options and tools to help lift you mentally and emotionally.


Urgent Mental Health Support

Dealing with a mental health crisis? Connect immediately with a Uwill therapist 24/7/365 at +1.877.233.9477 (U.S.), 855.229.8797 (Canada) or +1.781.457.7777 (International). If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911.


Unlimited free counseling

Through a partnership with Uwill, you can schedule an appointment with a licensed therapist based on your preferences including immediacy, gender, ethnicity, language, or focus area. The link to create a profile and get started in minutes can be found below.


Free access to Togetherall

Express yourself and get support in this completely anonymous peer-to-peer mental health community, available 24/7. Free for all Northeastern University students.


Free access to Headspace

Mindfulness, meditation, sleep, focus, fitness & more. Build healthy habits and use Headspace anywhere, anytime. Create an account using your NUID.

Mental Health Resources Available Through Find@Northeastern

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24/7 Urgent support available +1.877.233.9477 (U.S.) 855.229.8797 (Canada), or +1.781.457.7777 (International).

Free Unlimited Counseling Sessions

Through a partnership with Uwill, scheduling an appointment with a therapist of your choice, based on your preferences including gender, ethnicity, language, or focus, is a click away. Create a profile and get started in minutes.

All services offered through Find@Northeastern are confidential.

What to expect when you call for urgent support?

Responsive, empathetic urgent mental health support is available to full-time students, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any location by calling 877.233.9477 (within the U.S.), 855-229-8797 (Canada), or +1.781.457.7777 (International). Calls are answered by licensed master’s level mental health clinicians—people who are there any time, day or night, to provide support and to help you address your immediate concerns. They will also review a care and safety plan as well as recommendations for next steps.

These steps may include a referral to:

Other support services

  • Peer-to-peer support through Togetherall.
  • Free Headspace account
  • UHCS services including follow-up visits, medication assessments, or a student support group
  • Exploration of SilverCloud, a digital on-demand mental health and well-being platform

Are calls to Find@Northeastern confidential?

All services offered through UHCS, including calls to and interactions with Find@Northeastern clinical resources, are confidential. No information will be shared with anyone outside of UHCS without your consent. You may review more information about confidentiality and release of medical information here.

What if I am looking for specialized treatment?

All full time degree seeking Northeastern students have access to 24/7 urgent counseling and unlimited free counseling without using insurance. Clinicians treat a range of issues, but they do not provide specialized care such as treatment for eating disorders, neuro-psychological testing, treatment for substance use or medication management.

What if I want a counselor for ongoing counseling with specific demographics/identities or who speaks a language other than English?

Scheduling an appointment with a therapist of your choice, based on your preferences including gender, ethnicity, language, or focus, is a click away. Create a profile and get started in minutes.

How much will counseling cost?

Students enrolled full time, including NUin and Global Scholars unlimited free counseling, through a partnership with UWill.

Can I continue to access Find@Northeastern counseling after I graduate?

After graduation, students can shift their UWill student account to a consumer account. This will allow you to continue treatment through self-pay or submit a superbill to your health insurance for reimbursement.

How do I register for Headspace?

Headspace is available for all full-time students through Find@Northeastern. To register for Headspace click here.

What is Togetherall?

Togetherall is a peer-to-peer mental health support community which is available online, 24/7, and is completely anonymous so you can express yourself freely and openly. Licensed and registered mental health practitioners, called Wall Guides, monitor the community to ensure the safety and anonymity of all members.

Who can utilize Togetherall?

All Northeastern University students.

How do I register for Togetherall?

Students can set up a Togetherall account and get support today.

What is SilverCloud?

If moments of anxiety or sadness sometimes stop you in your tracks, Find@Northeastern offers an online program to help you move past those feelings on your own and build resilience as you go.

SilverCloud, a digital on-demand mental health and well-being platform provides students with customized strategies to manage depression, anxiety, sleep issues, stress, resilience, and more.  Several sessions are available in both Spanish and English. You can choose to self-guide or work with a SilverCloud coach who will support you throughout the process.  It will help you build the tools and strategies that could improve your days – and your academic performance.

  • Go to
  • Select Northeastern University from the drop-down menu
  • Create an account using your Northeastern email address
  • You will receive a confirmation email from SilverCloud, you must respond in order to complete the log-in process
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