Implications of MLOA

Medical leave is an option available to those Northeastern students who develop a major medical condition that precludes class attendance, completion of requirements, and/or participation in co-op. Medical leave of absence requests must be initiated at UHCS. Students are expected to be on Medical Leave of Absence for one full term.

Grades for term: Students on a MLOA receive all “W” (withdrawal) on their transcript for the term.

Tuition Refund Guidelines: The tuition refund for students who withdraw or take a leave of absence on or after the first day of classes is calculated in accordance with the university’s withdrawal refund policy.

Students who have been granted a medical or emergency leave of absence due to extenuating circumstances may submit a Leave of Absence Refund Appeal Form for financial consideration. If the appeal is approved, please note that housing and other fees will not be included in the appeal decision; refer to the Residence Hall and Dining License Agreement. Please only complete the Leave of Absence Refund Appeal Form if you have been approved for a medical or emergency leave of absence.

Please be aware:

  • Decisions made regarding the financial appeal are final.
  • It may take 30-60 days for an appeal decision.
  • Appeals must be submitted within 30 days from the end of the term the leave was taken in.  Any appeals submitted after that will not be considered.

Do not submit the appeal form if:

  • You have been denied a medical leave
  • You have been denied an emergency leave
  • More than 30 days from the end of the term the leave was taken have passed.

Please note that any outstanding balance (including unpaid balances) for the academic term in which the leave is taken are still due to the university.

Loans and Repayment: Please review the Student Financial Services’ policy on Withdrawal/Leave of Absence. Financial aid recipients must contact their financial aid counselor to understand the effects on aid received.

Access on campus: Students on a MLOA will no longer have Husky Card access to the athletic facilities, libraries, dining services, residence halls, and UHCS or CAPS. If a student is in treatment at UHCS or CAPS, they will be provided with referral resources for care in the community where they will reside during their medical leave of absence. Students are not to be participating in student groups while on medical leave.

On-campus housing: Once a MLOA is approved, students are asked to leave the residence halls within 24-48 hours. Students must check out with their residence director before leaving. Students in university housing should refer to the Office of Housing and Residential Life for policy information.

International Students: International students seeking a MLOA should must complete this form and make an appointment with the Office of Global Services to discuss leave of absence procedures in accordance with federal regulations.

Student Health Plan: Students enrolled in the Northeastern University Student Health Plan (NUSHP) will remain enrolled in the plan through August 31st of the academic year. Students who had coverage under NUSHP after March 31st are eligible to purchase one more year of coverage if their leave extends into the fall of a new school year. For more information contact the insurance coordinator at [email protected] or (617) 373-8007.

Timeframe: A student’s enrollment status cannot include more than one academic year of consecutive nonclass enrollments. Students on leave for more than one year will be withdrawn from the university.

More than one Leave of Absence: If a student has taken multiple leaves, resulting in the postponement of expected graduation date of a calendar year, the next leave request will be processed as a withdrawal.

Classes while on MLOA: While on leave, students are not allowed to take classes for credit toward their Northeastern University degree, either at Northeastern or at an outside institution.

Registration for classes: Students on a leave of absence are considered active students and are able to register for classes in an upcoming term in a leave status. If a student is unable to register because they are inactive, the student should contact their college for reentry at the time of registration for the return term. Students are expected to register for classes upon returning from a leave of absence.