Sick Note Policy

UHCS does not provide sick notes. We encourage students who miss class because of illness to email your instructors before the class is held to inform them of your absence, the reason and when you anticipate returning to class. This is an expectation of all students, as outlined in the university catalogue.

Notification to instructor

Students should email their professor in advance of the need to be out of class. The email should include: class name and section number, date of missed class, plan to make up work and expected duration of the absence. If you are unable to determine how long you will need to be out, regular notification should be sent to the instructor. If you are out of class for an extended period of time, you must inform your academic advisor by letter, email, or telephone. Below we have provided two sample emails to serve as a template for notification.


Dear Professor Smith,

I am a student in your SOCL 1001 course. I will be unable to attend class on Wednesday and Thursday of this week because I am ill. I have asked a classmate for notes for the classes I will miss. When I return to class I will speak with you directly to schedule a time to make-up the quiz on Thursday.

Thank you,

Student name


Dear Professor Wilson,

I am student in your LAB 1002. I am unable to make lab this week due to being ill. I have notified my lab partner, so they are aware as well. I hope to feel better by next lab and will be in touch regarding making up the work I have missed.

Thank you,
Student name

Further Considerations:

When missing class, you should consider ways in which the work and instruction missed can be made up. This can be done in a variety of ways, below are just a few examples.

  • Contact a classmate for notes from the class you missed
  • Schedule a time with the instructor to review any material you have questions about.
  • If you miss a quiz, test, or exam, or a deadline for an assignment due to illness, review the course syllabus for the instructor’s policy on make-ups and extensions.
  • Work with instructor to develop a plan with a timetable, to make up missed course work.

Additional tips can be found one the We Care tip sheet.